27 - 28 September 2023

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
Bayerstraße 12,  80335 Munich, Germany

Register now and join us at GlobalFoundries Technology Summit 2023!

GF Technology Summit (GTS) 2023 is our worldwide, annual series of technology-focused events. GTS brings together leaders from the commercial, business and research worlds to understand the latest technology challenges and opportunities, and partner to create the most innovative applications and solutions.

GTS 2023 Highlights

This year's GTS will focus on GF's industry and technology differentiation, highlighted by three key areas of innovation:

  • Power, power, power - Ultra-low power technology platforms and applications, power management and power delivery solutions
  • Best RF wins - RF and mmWave connectivity solutions for mobile and infrastructure applications
  • Intelligence & security - Localized, low-power intelligent applications with secure eNVM

GF's market-focused development includes partnerships across the broad electronics ecosystem - OEM, fabless, OSAT, EDA and IP. The results of those collaborations will be seen and heard in the guest keynote addresses, detailed technology roadmaps, hardware and software demonstrations, and leading applications for automotive, IoT, smart mobile, datacenter and communications infrastructure markets.

New in 2023! GF Technology, Business and Commercial teams will be at GTS to host 1:1 and small group meetings during the event. Please consider if there is someone you would like to meet with during your time in Munich - requests will be submitted during the registration process. 


GTS Program Overview

Day One Programming: 12:00 - 16:00 Networking Hour to follow

CEO Dr. Thomas Caulfield, joined by leaders in the fabless semiconductor and end-markets industries, shares GF's corporate vision and roadmap of manufacturing the essential chips we rely on for life, work and connection.

Day Two Programming: 9:00 - 14:00 with Networking Reception to follow 

GF’s technology and product management leaders share the company’s detailed technology and solutions roadmap, joined by leaders in the semiconductor design and manufacturing ecosystem – working together to deliver a new era of more.


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